Apr 1 - Landscape Secrets with Kim Maselli

Apr 1 - Landscape Secrets with Kim Maselli
Item# KM170401

Product Description

Instructor: Kim Maselli

Class Code: KM170401

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Oils or Acrylics

Saturday April 1st, 1:00pm-6:00pm (That's 5 hours of instruction, the same as a 10am-4pm workshop.)

For All Skill Levels!

Loosen up your style and transform your art. We’ll be painting in a loose, colorful Impressionist style as you learn to break down even the most complex scenes into basic shapes, value and color. Learn the keys to mixing luminous, rich colors from a limited palette like many of the professional plein air painters do.

Explore the use of the palette knife to add texture and variety to your brush strokes and enhance your color mixing. These techniques can be used both in the studio and out on location. Discover secrets to landscape painting that will help tell a beautiful story with your painting. Learn about atmospheric perspective and how to manipulate tone, color and edges to create a scene that invites the viewer to explore.

Price includes paints and mediums for class use, a new paintbrush, an instruction booklet, color wheel, mixed media paper to experiment on and plenty of one on one attention.

Supplies to bring:

Creative mark #4 palette knife or similar size and shape

Brushes: 1 or 2 small - medium sized brushes (1/4”-1/2“) and a 1” soft Polar Flow brush

1 stretched canvas or canvas panel (any size between 8x10 and 16x20)

Palette paper pad or covered plastic palette holder

Roll of paper towels

3-4 reference photos that inspire you, printed or on an IPad (Cell phone images are too small to use as a reference).