Apr 21 - Dramatic Skies and Clouds with Kim Maselli

Apr 21 - Dramatic Skies and Clouds with Kim Maselli
Item# KM180421

Product Description

Dramatic Skies and Clouds Instructor: Kimberlee Maselli

Class Code: KM180421

Workshop Fee: $120.00

Medium: Oils or Acrylics

Saturday, April 21st, 1:00pm-6:00pm

For All Skill Levels!

No matter where you live, the sky offers an ever changing scene to paint, but where do you begin? And how do you create clouds with dimension? This class will help you develop a complete understanding of how to plan and execute sky paintings. We’ll cover the pros and cons of using a photo reference, creating a strong composition and center of interest, and applying atmospheric perspective. Step-by-step exercises help you develop confidence and have a better understanding of how to paint skies and clouds. You’ll leave understanding how to create a sense of drama, atmosphere and form in all your skies.

Price includes paints and mediums for class use, a new brush, an instruction booklet, color wheel, mixed media paper to experiment on and plenty of one on one attention.

Supplies to bring:

Brushes: 1 or 2 medium sized brushes (1/2”-1”)

Creative Mark #4 palette knife (or similar size and shape)

1 stretched canvas or canvas panel (any size between 9x12 and 16x20)

Palette paper pad or covered plastic palette holder

Roll of paper towels

A container for solvents (If using oils)

3-4 sky photos that inspire you (printed or on an IPad. cell phone images are too small to use as a reference)