(Canceled) Feb 10 -  Quick Expressive Abstracts with Joe DiGiulio
(Canceled) Feb 10 - Quick Expressive Abstracts with Joe DiGiulio
Item# JD180210
This workshop is currently unavailable for order online. Please call (919) 876-6610 with any questions.

Product Description

Quick Expressive Abstracts Instructor: Joe DiGiulio

Class Code: JD180210

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Acrylics

Saturday, February 10th, 10:00 am- 4:00 pm

This full day workshop’s intention is to loosen up the tight, critical, emerging artist so that they can relax and tap into the free flowing creative energy that exist in all of us. Whether it is a quick painting with the other hand, changing the brushes position in the way it makes a mark or learning that sometimes less is more. These tips and techniques with a carefree loose approach may just inspire you down a new and different road of creative expression. If you are looking to change it up a bit or need a outside influence to inspire you down another path of creativity, then this class is for you.

Supplies to bring:

Paint - any Artist grade acrylics you have. I prefer Matisse Structure Acrylics some of my favorite colors are: Southern Ocean Blue, Australian Sienna, Transparent Red Oxide, Napthol Scarlet, and Unbleached Titanium

Bring at least two colors along with Black and Titanium White, or the Matisse Joe DiGiulio Signature Set – From Jerry’s Artarama

Brushes: #30 White Nylon Mural Brush, Set of Flat Brushes ¼”, ½”, 1” for Acrylics, and a #4 Round Creative Inspiration Acrylic Brush

Surfaces: At least 2 medium size canvases - 20” x 24”, 24” x 24” , 20”x 20”, or 18” x24” (Practica makes great inexpensive 2 packs of canvases).


Small container of Satin Varnish

Strathmore Acrylic Pad or Mixed Media Pad 11 x 14 for doing smaller warm up paintings

Disposable Palette Paper

Flo Expression Bottles 37ml 6 pack

Water Containers, Paper Towels and Apron will be provided.