(Canceled) Feb 1 - Intro to Painting - Warm Up Your Winter with Oil (Paints!) with Dan Nelson
(Canceled) Feb 1 - Intro to Painting - Warm Up Your Winter with Oil (Paints!) with Dan Nelson
Item# DN180201
This workshop is currently unavailable for order online. Please call (919) 876-6610 with any questions.

Product Description

Product Description Intro to Painting: Warm Up Your Winter with Oil (Paints!) Instructor: Dan Nelson

Class Code: DN180201

Workshop Fee: $65.00

Medium: Oils

Thursday, February 1st, 5:00pm-8:00pm

This workshop is especially for those who are just getting started with oil painting. Introductory principles will be modeled by Dan, followed by the students. The subject will be a simple North Carolina winter scene (NOT much snow!) without too many technical challenges. Come and give it a whirl!

Supplies to bring:

Canvas: one 16x20 Medium: Winsor Newton Liquin-- 250 ml

Note: The list of colors is merely a suggestion for those who have no idea what to bring. If you are an experienced painter, just bring your normal colors.

OILS PAINTS: Any good brand will do. Avoid Hues (H or “Imit”), except in yellow.

Warm Blue (Phthalo)

Cool Blue (Ultramarine)

Warm Red (like Scarlet Lake)

Cool Red (Alizarine or Permanent Rose)

Warm Yellow (Indian)

Cool Yellow (Lemon or Cadmium HUE)

Oxide Red or Burnt Sienna

Titanium White (Usually in a larger size)


Dioxazine Purple or Violet

ANY Green

Raw Umber

Yellow Ochre


A two-inch (or wider) “CHIP BRUSH” (NOT a NICE 2” brush). This one is required.

An assortment of BRISTLE brushes, sizes 2 - 12. My favorites are Filberts.

If you like you may add a few sable or synthetic filbert brushes-- Nothing smaller than a #2.

For signing paintings, use a high-quality Winsor Newton Series 7-- size 1 or 2 or any soft round of the same size