Feb 16 - Try Textures! with Suzanne Hetzel

Feb 16 - Try Textures! with Suzanne Hetzel
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Instructor: Suzanne Hetzel

Class Code: SH170216

Workshop Fee: $65

Medium: Watercolor

Thursday, February 16th, 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Do you like to play and experiment with watercolor? This is the workshop for you! You’ll be excited by the wonderful effects that you can't achieve with any other medium. Students will have the opportunity to try techniques by creating a painting of an impressionistic landscape, and an abstract painting. Come join the fun, and learn how you can apply these approaches to your paintings.

Supplies to bring:

Turner Watercolour in the following colors:

Permanent Lemon

Permanent Gamboge

Quinacridone Gold

Permanent Scarlet

Quinacridone Magenta

Rose Red

Manganese Blue Hue

Ultramarine Deep

burnt sienna

Also recommended: Indanthrene Blue, Olive Green, and Maya Green

Brushes - 1/2" flat, 1" flat, 4, 8, and 12 round

Paper - At least 1/2 sheet 100% cotton rag, acid free paper. I recommend Fabriano Artistico or Arches.

Palette or Butcher's tray

Pencil, sketch book (small is fine)


paper towels

Masking Tape

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Old toothbrush

Suzanne will bring “texture” supplies to share.