Feb 18 - Fearless Color with Dan Nelson

Feb 18 - Fearless Color with Dan Nelson
Item# DN180218
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Product Description

FEARLESS COLOR Instructor: Dan Nelson

Class Code: DN180218

Workshop Fee: $120.00

Medium: Oils and Acrylics

Sunday, February 18th, Noon-5:00pm

Don’t BLOCK-IN . . . BLOB-IN your paintings! Make a glorious and colorful mess so that surprising things can happen on your canvas that go way beyond your initial overly-controlled impulse. Build up your darks with LAYERS OF TRANSPARENT COLOR because transparent colors are more vibrant that opaque ones.

Note: The list of colors is merely a suggestion for those who have no idea what to bring. If you are an experienced painter, just bring your normal colors.

Supplies to bring:

Canvas: one or two 16x20

Acrylic Medium: Any acrylic medium will do EXCEPT SLOW-DRYING. Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish is good, GAC 100 is even better. Buy a lot (32 oz. or more) if you plan to use this glazing technique in the future.

Acrylics: These can be either soft body or regular tube acrylics. Any brand will do. Avoid “Hues” (H), except in yellow.

Warm Blue (Phthalo)

Cool Blue (Ultramarine)

Cool Red (Quinacridone, Primary Red, Magenta or Permanent Rose)

Yellow (ANY light yellow will do-- so no need to get Cadmium)

Titanium White

OPTIONAL: Any orange, brown, or green

OPTIONAL for Acrylics: Small re-sealable container cups--like “Ziploc” or “Glad”-- about 8 oz. One for each color.


Oil Medium: Winsor Newton Liquin-- 250 ml

Warm Blue (Phthalo)

Cool Blue (Ultramarine)

Warm Red (like Scarlet Lake)

Cool Red (Alizarine or Permanent Rose)

Warm Yellow (Indian)

Cool Yellow (Lemon or Cadmium HUE)

Oxide Red or Burnt Sienna

Titanium White (Usually in a larger size)

OPTIONAL: Dioxazine Purple or Violet, ANY Green, Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre


REQUIRED: A two-inch (or wider) “CHIP BRUSH” (NOT a NICE 2” brush)

An assortment of BRISTLE brushes, sizes 2 - 12. My favorites are Filberts.

If you like you may add a few sable or synthetic filbert brushes-- Nothing smaller than a #2.

For signing paintings, use a high-quality Winsor Newton Series 7-- size 1 or 2 or any soft round of the same size