Jan 14 - Encaustic Studio Workshop with Sharon DiGiulio

Jan 14 - Encaustic Studio Workshop with Sharon DiGiulio
Item# SD170114

Product Description

Instructor: Sharon DiGiulio

Class Code: SD170114

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Encaustic Painting

Saturday, January 14th, 10:00am 4:00pm (includes a lunch break)

This workshop can be an introduction, or refresher course, for the ultimate encaustic experience! Together we will melt wax, paint with encaustic paints and experiment with these and other materials and cutting edge techniques on board.

Paints, equipment, heat guns, etc. will be provided by the instructor!

Supplies to bring:

1 pound of encaustic medium for the class to share. We will add to the community pan.

Any surface you would like to work on Encausticbords, Claybords, Birch wood boards, DaVinci Boards, etc.

Any items you would like to incorporate in your encaustic such as papers, coins, fabric, images, text, etc.