Jan 15 - Speedpainting in Acrylics with Joe DiGiulio

Jan 15 - Speedpainting in Acrylics with Joe DiGiulio
Item# JD170115

Product Description

Instructor: Joe DiGiulio

Class Code: JD170115

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Acrylics

Sunday, January 15th, Noon -5:00pm

Learn to bring “Action and Energy” to your Acrylic Aqua media compositions in this full day workshop! We’ll get you pushing your creative self to paint intuitively, with vibrant results. Short, frequent and timed exercises will free you up to energize your work in the spirit of the Abstract Expressionist of the early 1950’s and 1960’s. Join Joe for this highly informative, intuitively driven workshop in abstract painting on paper.

Supplies to bring:

Acrylic Paint: I prefer Matisse Structure Acrylics (Joseph DiGiulio Signature Set) Prussian Blue, Titanium White and at least two of any other colors you have. I will introduce you to my favorite colors and why they are my favorite. (Australian Sienna and Southern Ocean Blue are fantastic together.)

Brushes: 1” Flat Wash, ½” Flat Wash, #8 round short handle, #2 round short handle, #30 Mural Brush White Nylon Bristle

MUST BRING!!!-Small Color Wheel

Paper: at least 2 pieces Full Sheet 140lb Fabriano cold pressed watercolor paper (22”x30”), and a Strathmore 300 Series 11 x 14 pad of Bristol (Vellum)

Optional Items: Jerry's Jet Black Pencil or woodless graphite pencil. Mungyo Oil Pastel set of 12 colors.

Joe will supply Gator Board to use to support your quick freestyle acrylic paintings.