July 14 - Palette Knife Painting with Jane Steelman

July 14 - Palette Knife Painting with Jane Steelman
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Palette Knife Painting Instructor: Jane Steelman

Class Code: JS180714

Workshop fee: $120

Medium: Acrylics

Saturday, July 14th, 10:00am-4:00pm

Palette knife painting is for everyone from beginners to professionals!

Come learn how to create a palette knife painting from start to finish! Palette knife painting requires the artist to "let go" of details. Thick application of paint that results in a heavily textured surface is known as impasto painting. We’ll explore the ways that impasto texture affects light and shadow, on the surface of your painting.

Working from reference photos you'll create an under painting, and then learn to apply the paint using various palette knives. Acrylic paints lend themselves to palette knife paintings because they dry quickly and prevent any accidental muddying of colors, keeping them bright and clear.

Supplies to bring:

Heavy body acrylic paint: I prefer Matisse Structure paints. Stay away from the student grade paints, because they lack pigment and you will have trouble getting the colors you want. At a minimum, you’ll want at least one each in red, blue, yellow, and white.

Some colors I recommend are:

Quinacridone Red

Pthalo Blue

Cadmium Yellow Medium

Titanium White.

Palette Knives: Painters Edge Palette Knives 61S and 35T. Feel free to bring other styles and shapes

Brushes: We’ll do some underpainting with brushes. My favorites are Black Swan flats or filberts. The set of Flats or Filberts will give you everything you need. At a minimum you will need: Black Swan brushes Sizes 12 and 20 in either flats or filberts.

Canvas: You will need at least one 16X20 inch canvas or Gessobord. Feel free to bring and more than one, and some smaller sizes as well.

Please let Jane know if you have any questions (jds@steelmanstudios.com).