August 5 - Watercolor Batik with Ryan Fox

August 5 - Watercolor Batik with Ryan Fox
Item# RF180805

Product Description

Watercolor Batik Instructor: Ryan Fox

Class Code: RF180805

Workshop Fee: $120.00

Medium: Watercolor

Sunday, August 5th, Noon 5:00pm

Learn a new technique of painting called watercolor batik! Watercolor batik is the process of using traditional watercolor paint and wax to create unique and beautiful batik-style paintings on Japanese rice paper. This process is similar to the age old technique where melted wax is applied to fabric as a resist and then the fabric is dipped in dye. This class is suitable for both beginner and experienced painters with little or no watercolor experience. Artists will create a 12x16 batik painting in the class.

Supply list:

Japanese Rice Paper- Ginwashi or Unryu (1 sheet)

Watercolor palette.

Mop brush- #2 or #4

Watercolor paints. Less is more. At least one of each primary color.

Watercolor brushes for final details. I recommend Mimik Round #4 or #6

Spray bottle.

Drawing supplies. A 3b or 4b pencil. Kneaded eraser.

Watercolor Palette

Surface to put the painting on. This can be foamcore, gator board, plexiglass, or wood panel.

Paper towels


Reference photographs will be provided for your drawings, but you are welcome to bring a high contrast photograph or line drawing of your own to transfer to the rice paper.