March 7 - Intro to Painting: The Secret Sauce for Great Landscape Painting with Dan Nelson

March 7 - Intro to Painting:  The Secret Sauce for Great Landscape Painting with Dan Nelson
Item# DN190307
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Product Description

Intro to Painting: The Secret Sauce for Great Landscape Painting

Instructor: Dan Nelson

Class Code: DN190307

Workshop Fee: $65.00

Medium: Oils and Acrylics

Thursday, March 7th, 5:00pm-8:00pm

What makes a great landscape painting? It’s not simply paint on canvas. Play of Light, Mystery, Passion, Composition, and Accurate Rendering. Those are the key ingredients for a masterful landscape painting. In this class you will learn exactly how these choice ingredients work. You will learn how to effectively utilize and combine them into a beautiful landscape. Don’t just paint a landscape; allow your art to transport your viewer to another place and time!

Open for all skill levels, Dan’s comprehensive technique will enable the artist in you. Join us in making something spectacular!

Supplies to bring:

NOTE: Each artist in this class will paint in BOTH acrylics AND oils. Each student is requested to provide a full complement of EITHER oils or acrylics; Dan will provide the alternate supplies to each student.

Canvas: one 16x20

Medium: Winsor Newton Liquin-- 250 ml

Note: The list of colors is merely a suggestion for those who have no idea what to bring. If you are an experienced painter, just bring your normal colors.

OILS PAINTS: Any artist quality brand will do. Avoid Hues (H or “Imit”), except in yellow.

Warm Blue (Phthalo)

Cool Blue (Ultramarine)

Warm Red (like Scarlet Lake)

Cool Red (Alizarine or Permanent Rose)

Warm Yellow (Indian)

Cool Yellow (Lemon or Cadmium HUE)

Oxide Red or Burnt Sienna

Titanium White (Usually in a larger size)

OPTIONAL: Dioxazine Purple or Violet, ANY Green, Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre

ACRYLICS: (These can be either liquid or heavy body acrylics. Any professional brand will do. Avoid Hues (H), except in yellow.)

Warm Blue (Phthalo)

Cool Blue (Ultramarine)

Cool Red (Quinacridone or Primary Red or Magenta)

Medium Yellow (ANY light yellow will do -- avoid Cadmium)

Burnt Sienna

Titanium White

Medium: Golden GAC 100 or Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish -- 8 oz. or more

OPTIONAL: Small re-sealable container cups like Ziploc or Glad -- about 8 oz. One for each color.


REQUIRED: A two-inch (or wider) “CHIP BRUSH” (NOT a NICE 2” brush)

An assortment of BRISTLE brushes, sizes 2 - 12. My favorites are Filberts.

If you like you may add a few sable or synthetic filbert brushes-- Nothing smaller than a #2.

For signing paintings, use a high-quality Winsor Newton Series 7-- size 1 or 2.